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White Bean and Roasted Garlic Dip with Gremolata

White bean roasted garlic gremolata dip

During the 9 Days before Tisha B’Av, we refrain from eating meat. After a day or so, we get sick of fish, and are hardpressed to come up with meals that supply sufficient protein and still satisfy our carnivorous druthers. This white bean dip with roasted garlic and gremolata, an Italian term for a mix …

Main courses

Jerk Chicken: Bring a Little Jamaica into your Home!

jerk chicken garnished with scallions, lime, and sauce

Jerk chicken was something I’d heard of but knew nothing about. But you know how chicken gets boring. I thought I’d look at some recipes online and see if it was doable, kosher-wise. (Yay! It was.) When I served my personal rendition of jerk chicken, cobbled together from the various recipes I’d found online, my …