Month: November 2023

Cooking with Kids, Snack

Recipe: Caramel Popcorn Balls

caramel popcorn balls

With winter vacation coming up, it’s fun to make something in the kitchen with the kids—especially when the weather is blustery and cold. There’s something about being cozy together with family that offers a warm glow, and popcorn balls, in particular, evoke memories of childhood and holiday traditions. They’re simple to make and delicious to …

Desserts, Technique

Pots de Crème: A Dessert That Melts in Your Mouth


Pots de crème sounds like a fancy French dessert, and it is, but that doesn’t mean that the home cook will find what is essentially a type of custard, difficult to prepare. The key to making perfect pots de crème is to cook the mixture gently and slowly to achieve that silky smooth texture. Here …