Month: November 2017

Ashkenazi, Soup

Turn Heavy Cholent Into a Much Lighter Soup!

A bowl of bean, barley, and meat soup

It’s winter and we’re wanting heavier fare for Shabbos. Still, the thought of hamin or cholent weighing us down is a bit difficult after a summer of salads and cool treats. Lucky for all of us, there’s a wonderful compromise: a second meal soup full of the same yummy cholent things that make you feel …

Good for You

Sardines: Because Maimonides Said So

Half open can of sardines

Dietary supplements can be expensive. So if you’re looking for a natural source of Omega3 fatty acid, an excellent source is sardines. Moreover, no less an authority than Jewish physician par excellence, Maimonides, recommended people eat small saltwater fish, which are—you guessed it—sardines. Eat three cans’ worth of the li’l guys and you’ve gotten your …