Month: February 2018

Ashkenazi, Good for You, Israeli food, Purim, Sephardi

Zesty Purim Chickpeas

Pot of chickpeas in a zesty tomato sauce

Boiled chickpeas seasoned with salt and pepper are traditional in the Ashkenazi kitchen for Purim. This custom reminds us that Esther, forced to live in King Ahashuerus’ palace, according to tradition ate nothing but legumes, in order to remain kosher. Chickpeas are fun to eat plain, but why not try a spicier rendition this year, …

Ashkenazi, Desserts, Purim

Hamantashen for Purim!

Hamantashen cookies on a cake plate

Ever notice how awful hamantashen are, no matter whether they are commercial or homemade? Well, not these babies. These traditional Jewish cookies are thin-crusted, crisp, and delicious. They’re also a lot of work, but worth it!! Hamantashen Make the dough and filling and chill at least one day before you make these traditional cookies. Ingredients …


Do’a or Dukkah: Egyptian Nut and Spice Dip

Bread with Dukkah nut mixture and olive oil

Do’a or Dukkah is a delicious Egyptian nut and spice mixture. Add some olive oil and you’ve got a delectable dip. Now who doesn’t want to find something deliciously different and addictive to put out in front of guests? Not to mention easy to throw together. Doa is a winner. Here’s how you make it: …