Month: October 2017


But is it Jewish? Cauliflower “Rice”

Last week we talked about bone broth, because anything that’s good for you is, by definition, Jewish, and therefore qualifies as Jewish food. Now some of us have found that the only way to get thin and stay thin is to eat a low carb, high fat diet. One of the best tricks of this …


Bone Broth: It’s Good Fer Ya, but it Smells

Steaming teacup of bone broth on saucer, at a table with silverware

Remember how thrilled we were in the 70’s when it was discovered that chicken soup actually had medicinal properties and eased the symptoms of colds and the flu? That our grandmothers were RIGHT?? We felt so validated. The new health elixir is bone broth. Here’s a great article from 2015 from a reporter who drank …