Month: December 2017


REVIEW: Real Life Kosher Cooking

Miriam Pascal’s new cookbook, Real Life Kosher Cooking, published by Artscroll and 20% off right now, is just what the (Jewish) doctor ordered for the winter months, what with the High Holidays and Chanuka a now distant memory. We are no longer under pressure to produce fabulous, labor-intensive meals, except for Shabbos, of course. And …

Ashkenazi, Chanuka

Latkes: If they Ain’t Broke Don’t Fix Them

Latkes in a frying pan, done side up

Chanuka is all about latkes, those amazing potato pancakes you serve with sour cream and applesauce, and if you’re an iconoclast, with hot salsa! I’ve always made them the way my mother did, and never required a serious recipe. I began, however, to doubt my latke-making gift when I read a page of tips and …

Israeli food

Olives: The Native Jewish Fruit

A variety of Israeli olives

With Chanuka coming up, let’s talk olives. They’re one of the seven species of the land of Israel. Noah knew the land was dry when a dove brought an olive branch. The state seal of the State of Israel depicts two olive branches. Olive trees live thousands of years. So yeah: definitely a Jewish food! …