Month: June 2018

Food Science

The Science Behind Being “Hangry.”

Hangry guy gnaws on chicken leg

We’ve all been there: been angry because we’re hungry, otherwise known as being “hangry.” It happens when we’re dieting, fasting for religious reasons, or when it’s just too long until our next snack or meal. Whatever the reason, being hangry is nasty for you and for everyone in your general vicinity. Psychology and neuroscience doctoral …

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RECIPE: The Best Tehina

Hummus bi tehini Tehina is in the center of a well of hummus

For some people, hummus is da bomb. But in our home, Shabbos is not Shabbos without my special tehina sauce. Which is funny, because I’m Ashkenazi, and tehina is most definitely a Sephardic treat. Somehow, I’ve hit on the perfect rendition that even Sephardi Shabbos guests pronounce the best tehina they’ve ever tasted. It makes …

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RECIPE: Green Tea Butter Cookies for Heart Health!

green tea butter cookies

So okay, we’re not really saying that eating cookies is good for your heart. But a new study tells us that green tea can prevent artherosclerosis which can lead to heart attacks and strokes. And cookies are one way to incorporate more green tea into your diet, right? Well, that’s my story and I’m sticking …