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Low Carb High Fat Garlic Zoodles and Coodles

Zoodles and Coodles

I know, I know. Another thinly disguised low carb high fat recipe. But if you’ve been reading the mystery, low carb is all she wrote. Look: I lost 60 pounds on this diet (no pix, sorry), and now it’s a way of life that’s been touted by such august writers as Gary Taubes. I’ve no …

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5-Ingredient Coconut Chicken Curry

Chicken curry

Don’t we all want a recipe that’s fast, uses few ingredients, and even fewer pots and pans? Especially when it’s a dish that everyone in your family will love—except for those who absolutely hate chicken. “Where can I find such a recipe,” I hear you asking. Right here, of course! 5-Ingredient Coconut Chicken Curry Yield: …

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Parve Crustless Zucchini Quiche

Crustless zucchini quiche with coconut milk

Many of us are trying to cut carbs from our diets, and so a crustless quiche is a very attractive addition to our kitchen repertoire. For those of us who observe the Jewish dietary laws, this particular quiche is a boon for being parve, or a neutral dish that can be eaten with dairy or …

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Quick and Easy Oven Roasted Veggies

Roasted fennel and carrots

After the fuss of the Passover holiday, it’s nice to have some easy one-dish meals in one’s cooking repertoire. Let’s face it: most of us are a little burnt out from cooking holiday food for an army with unfamiliar utensils and strange Passover ingredients. Now that the hassle of all that is but a memory, …

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Cauliflower Tabbouleh: An Old Favorite with a Low Carb Twist

Cauliflower rice tabbouleh, in wooden bowl

A lot of us are doing low carb diets, because, well, they work. It is difficult giving up all those favorite foods. Which is why it’s fun to find a substitute for a beloved Middle Eastern bulgur wheat salad, tabbouleh, made with raw cauliflower “rice.” We had it at our Purim meal: a perfect “nafochu,” …