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Borscht is Cool Summer Comfort Food

When it’s too hot to cook, you want simple things you can make. Things without a lot of ingredients but with lots and lots of flavor. Borscht, the dairy version, fits the bill. It’s plain, healthy, and can be served cold. It’s so easy to make it’s almost not a recipe. If your mom opened …


Zaatar: A Delight for the Senses

Zaatar, Zatar

A very simple herbal dip for challah and other bread, zaatar is a type of wild thyme, but the dip, a mixture of herbs, sesame seeds, olive oil, and salt, is also called by this name. Everyone Israeli has a favorite rendition of this nose and palate-opening opener. Here is an adaptation of Claudia Roden’s …


Don’t Make a Tzimmes Out of It

It’s an expression: not to make a tzimmes out of something. A Tzimmes is a traditional Jewish dish that mixes disparate ingredients that somehow manage to work together well. Since the dish has so many ingredients, it’s seen as complicated and complex. Making a tzimmes out of something means to overcomplicate a situation. When people …


Chopped Liver-You Are What You Eat

Chopped Liver

The expression “You are what you eat” resonates very strongly with those who adhere to the laws of kashrut. Jews are cautioned not to eat blood and it is thought that eating blood makes a person cruel. For this reason Jews salt their meat to draw the blood out, prior to the cooking process. Liver …