Food Science

Food Safety During the Corona Pandemic

Cook sneezes over food in kitchen

Many of us are wondering how to be safe in relation to food and groceries during the global coronavirus pandemic. We don’t understand how it’s safe to bring in groceries or restaurant takeout without contaminating our homes and kitchens. We just have a lot of questions.

The best article on this topic so far, is by J. Kenji López-Alt of Serious Eats, a wonderful website for foodies. López-Alt went to the experts and asked questions such as “Can I get COVID-19 from contaminated food?” and “What’s the safest way to shop at the grocery store or supermarket?” The upshot seems to be that as far as is known, the only way to contract the virus is through the respiratory system. Like if someone sneezes near you and you breathe in the droplets.

That means that it’s nearly impossible for you to get the virus from food, which goes into the digestive tract, rather than into your airways. As the author put it, “Even if a worker sneezes directly into a bowl of raw salad greens before packing it in a take-out container for you to take home, as gross as it is, it’s unlikely to get you sick.”

This was very reassuring to read.