Corona Culinary Advice and Economy: What and Why to Cook During a Global Pandemic

bearded chef in apron, tastes soup from blue pot with wooden spoon

In normal times we go keto and restrict our carbs. During a global pandemic, however, you make do with what you have, and also cook together to keep from going stir (get it?) crazy. Here are some of our favorite culinary tips for getting through the coming weeks:

  • Got leftover bread? Don’t throw it out: make bread pudding, croutons, or peanut butter toast (peanut butter melting into hot bread is delicious).
  • Got flour? Make pancakes together as a family. Make it fun! Pour the batter into animal shapes, add interesting ingredients like chocolate chips. It passes the time, and it’s, well, nice.
  • Got fruit? Cut it up and make a crumble with stuff from your pantry. You can do this. It’s easy. Online recipes abound.

Always look at what’s left in your pantry and think: what can we do with this? In this way, you force your mind to be active and useful, instead of expending energy worrying about what may or may not happen, God forbid. This is the right way to be.

And of course, there’s always online grocery shopping!
Stay well.


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