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WATCH: Or Don’t. Rainbow Hummus??

Rainbow hummus screenshot

This morning my senses were affronted by a Facebook how-to video on making rainbow hummus. It not only required you to wash a blender about a hundred million times, it looked absolutely disgusting—really foul! I like a good plate of chickpea mush as much as the next one, but let’s face it, no reason to paint it in dayglow colors. Just does not work.

I have heard Americans ridiculed by the British for using colors not found in nature to dye their food (think blue icing on a cake). But this clip is a step beyond lurid birthday cakes. The thought of dipping a carrot into that mess left me feeling vaguely nauseated.

If you watch the video, do indeed read the fabulous comments thread, for a good laugh.

And the next time you make hummus, keep it beige, please.