Yemenite Meat Soup: Eating in a Hut

bowl of beef soup with potatoes, carrots, and parsley

Just as the first cold snap of the year touches the leaves on the trees, Jews are consigned to live in the sukkah, a temporary hut through which one can see the stars at night, so meagre is the branched or slatted roof. For some of us, it was much too hot to have matzoh ball soup these past few summer months. Now it’s time to break out the stock pot once more.

For the first night of the Sukkot holiday, it’s nice to have a heartier soup, such as Yemenite meat soup. It’s made with short ribs and it sticks to your ribs! The Wall Street Journal offers this recipe adapted from a cookbook by new wonder chef on the block, Michael Solomonov and aptly surnamed co-author Steven Cook.

After your opener of challah and honey, followed by a salad course, then finish up with this rich concoction. Even without dessert they’ll cry uncle. But have some dessert ready for the die-hards!

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