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Recipe: Honey Mustard Chicken

Honey mustard chicken

Some people really like sweet chicken a lot. I am not one of these people, especially since I’m doing low carb high fat, and sweets are, well, carby. But also because sweet food in Jewish cuisine, is typically characteristic of Jews from Galicia. Jews from Lithuania, from whence my ancestors hale, tend to prefer savory …

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Moroccan Fish

Moroccan fish

When Rosh Hashana nears, a cook’s fancy turns lightly to fish. After all, it’s one of the symbolic foods we eat at holiday time. One extremely addictive way to prepare and eat fish is that ubiquitous dish served in Moroccan Jewish homes every Friday night. They call it simply “fish” and everyone else calls it …

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Classic Brisket to Freeze

slicing brisket

With Rosh Hashana around the corner, canny chefs prepare dishes that can freeze to relieve some of the pressure of cooking for so many festive meals for so many people. Meat freezes very well, so it’s a good choice for this purpose. And while some people like fancy shmancy food at the holidays, others are …

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Brisket: No Matter How You Slice It

A succulent brisket on a cutting board, half sliced

This is the final post before Rosh Hashana. In earlier posts, I talked about traditional vegetable dishes and baked goods. Now it’s time to talk brisket. In our house, we’re having brisket three ways for the holiday. After all, it’s a three day event this year: two days of Rosh Hashana immediately followed by Shabbos. …

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Mandelbrodt By Any Other Name

The Italian wine Vin Santo with its traditional food pairing of Biscotti

Almonds and dishes containing them are very popular for the upcoming Rosh Hashana holiday, which always makes me think of mandelbrodt (literally “almond bread”). One reason almonds are popular is that they have a separate Hebrew name “shaked” (SHA-kedd). The generic word for nut is “egoz,” which has the same numerical value as the word …

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Leeks: Poor Man’s Asparagus


You’d be mistaken for thinking that the only seder is the Passover seder. There’s the seder for Tu B’Shvat, when we eat a selection of items from the earth’s bounty and recite relevant passages from the Torah. And there’s also the Rosh Hashana seder when we eat specific foods, the Hebrew names of which are …