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Cholent: Meal in a Crockpot

Plate of cholent with garnish

Cholent, that rib-sticking Jewish Sabbath stew with its beef, barley, and beans, and overnight cooking, is the central focus of an old joke. A priest complains to a rabbi about his incessant insomnia. The rabbi says, “I have the perfect remedy: cholent. Eat it and you’ll sleep like a baby!” The rabbi gives the priest …

Food Science

Carbs and Fat Together, More Rewarding?

potato chips

A new study out of Yale University tells us that the brain sees the combination of carbs and fats as more rewarding than either of these nutrients taken separately. People are more willing to pay more money for foods that combine the two, for instance, potato chips, than for foods representing only one or the …

Food Science

The Science Behind Being “Hangry.”

Hangry guy gnaws on chicken leg

We’ve all been there: been angry because we’re hungry, otherwise known as being “hangry.” It happens when we’re dieting, fasting for religious reasons, or when it’s just too long until our next snack or meal. Whatever the reason, being hangry is nasty for you and for everyone in your general vicinity. Psychology and neuroscience doctoral …